Anna Liberty

A girl who's one-in-a-million

Anna on the Move

on March 23, 2012

This morning we were happy to have a great woman from Kids on the Move, a local child development program that helps young children and parents visit Anna and evaluate her development.

Anna did a great job! She successfully played with the toys the right way, recognized pictures, and basically impressed the worker. I was such a proud dad. The only place that Anna was midly behind was in language development, because she’s not saying quite as many complete words as some her age, but her pre-language is coming along just fine. And we were given some great ideas to help Anna’s language come along.

It’s a relief to know that Anna’s cognitive development is not delayed – one more miracle! We’re grateful her XP isn’t affecting her development. I know that Heavenly Father is watching over our special little girl.

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