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Spring is Here! Time to Play….Outside?

on March 24, 2012


Today was a rough one, but life is still pretty good.   This afternoon, Anna brought Alyssa (our wonderful babysitter) her little shoes for help to put them on. Alyssa thought it was just to play, but she soon found out that “shoes” = time to go outside.  But, of course, it was a still a sunny afternoon day and not a good time for Anna to go out.

When I got home from work, Anna was really anxious to go outside. She stood at the window and just cried and cried . I got her stroller ready, complete with a UV-blocking plastic shield, and took her out for a stroll. Anna was thrilled to be out of the house and seeing the neighborhood dogs, birds, and people.

When I took her stroller up to the front door so I could start making dinner, she got really upset – so we went for another trip around the block – this time our good neighbor Hilary brought out her tiny dog Rizzo to visit Anna. Rizzo even got inside Anna’s stroller with her! That scared Anna a bit, but she was excited to play with the dog. We finally went back in the house to make dinner.

When Libby got home, the sun was going down, and she got to spend part of the evening with Anna, who was so happy to finally be outside. Libby posted on her facebook, “Now I’m home with my lovely girl playing on the back patio like she’s a big kid, and eating mac n cheese w/ hot dogs. Life is good :)”  Now we’re both home, ready for the weekend, and glad to be together.

Life is good.

One response to “Spring is Here! Time to Play….Outside?

  1. Kittie says:

    soooo cute!! Look at those curls! What great parents you are! Thanks for writing this blog!!

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