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The Dog Days of…Spring?

on April 6, 2012

Today is a big day in our household.  You see, the Easter Bunny (through Grampa B) brought Anna an early Easter gift.  A cute little six-year-old bichon frise we named Buzz.


Anna instantly fell in love with this gentle, quiet, obedient dog. He can sit, shake, and who knows what else.  We considered naming him Stockton, Jimmer, Billy, or Timon,  but we settled on Buzz – because it will be easy for Anna to say.  And Anna loves Toy Story almost as much as she likes animals.

I grew up believing dogs should be outside pets, roaming free in the backyard with a doghouse. Libby grew up with dogs inside.  With Anna’s XP, having a small pet inside as a friend will be a great blessing to her.

Welcome to the family, Buzz!


Do you have an inside dog? We’re new dog owners, and we’d love to get your tips and ideas on our fun new challenge.

2 responses to “The Dog Days of…Spring?

  1. […] grandpa gave to us as an Easter present. I wrote about welcoming Buzz to the family in this blog post.  From day one Anna has been in love with this dog. She follows him, sits by him, and hugs him […]

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