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An Easter Picnic to Remember

on April 9, 2012

Our joy is full today.  It is Easter, and we celebrate the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We’re grateful for His love, grace, and sacrifice.

We are also joyful because yesterday we were able to spend the day outside with Anna.  Her wonderful Aunt Linda and Grandma Debbie custom-made a hat with a uv blocking face shield, which protects her from the sun.  As tradition, we gathered as family to Aunt Linda’s home for an Easter lunch complete with Easter Egg hunt, scavenger hunt, and more fun.  And let’s not forget the food: dutch oven potatoes, ham, homemade baked beans, and plenty of potato chips, of course.

Anna loved hunting for Easter eggs! Being able to spend a sunny day outside with Anna filled our hearts with happiness. Anna had a grin the entire time as she played with our new dog Buzz, visited the horses and donkeys, and played with the other kids in the sun.

Later that night, we went to Anna’s great grandparent’s home for a hot dog roast and a night time egg hunt.  You might be thinking how that is possible – but it’s easy when you use eggs that GLOW IN THE DARK!

Grandma Debbie bought some large plastic eggs and glow sticks, and voila: glow in the dark eggs!  Anna filled her two little buckets with all of the eggs. They looked great!

It was a marvelous day and my words and pictures don’t do it justice. We’re so grateful for our family and their help and support.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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