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Strawberry Days (and Nights)

on June 24, 2012

Strawberry Days

Every year as summer begins, Libby’s home town gathers together for the Strawberry Days celebration. It’s been her long-held family tradition to go to the parade, the rodeo, and eat fun treats like strawberries and cream.

This year, we were nervous about taking Anna to the parade. The weather forecast predicted temperatures in the mid 90s – and we were afraid Anna would be sweltering in her hat and gloves.

The night before the parade, we decided we’d at least go for the first part of the parade and see how she’d do. We thought Anna might be most comfortable in her customized stroller, where she could just wear a light shirt with jeans and ditch the gloves. Libby even converted one of her purses to be a skirt around the front of the stroller, better protecting Anna from the sun.

However, once we were at the parade,with lots of other kids running around, inside the covered stroller was the last place she wanted to be. We put her back in her jacket, mittens, and awesome hat so she could sit on Grandma’s lap and watch the parade go by.

We had a great time with Anna at the parade. With a light breeze and our prime spot in the shade, Anna didn’t get too hot. She loved seeing the horses, bands, and colorful floats blasting fun music. Not to mention all the candy tossed her way!

We had a great time with the family and were so glad we could keep this tradition alive, even with Anna’s XP!

Strawberry Nights

A few nights before the parade, the carnival set up shop in the city park. As soon as the sun set, we took Anna right over to experience her first carnival rides. First up was a simple ride with little cars, trucks, and motorcycles going around in circles. Do you think Anna liked it? See for yourself:

We even caught her on tape having a blast on her first-ever carnival ride all by herself:

Up next were the flying saucers. I was a nervous dad as I set her in the spaceship; this ride went up pretty high and the strap was not as snug. But Anna loved it and soared in circles with a huge smile on her face.

After going down the big yellow slide with her aunt Sophie, we took her to the fun train where she smiled and waved at everyone she passed by.

As the carnival wound down, we stopped to take a quick family photo outside the carousel. We may not have been able to make it to the rodeo this year, but we’re going to keep the new family tradition of a night out at the carnival!

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