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Winter Thoughts

on January 6, 2013

This week it’s been very cold.  -6 degrees cold. VERY cold. And most people don’t like it. But I have another perspective.

 So cold that one friend from California posted on Facebook  that she saw six Utah friends all post pictures like the one above right in a row on her timeline. 

Most people seem to really hate this cold weather.  I’ll admit to sometimes complaining about how cold it is.   They talk of nose hairs freezing and cars not starting. Nobody goes outside and they get stir crazy inside.  Did you catch that? NOBODY goes outside.  This is the time of year that our family is just like everyone else!  There aren’t any kids playing out in 5 degree weather- and if they are, they are just as bundled up as Anna is the rest of the year.

So I’ll take the cold weather for a while, and appreciate what it means to Anna and others with XP.  When nobody goes outside, they get a taste of our indoor living.

That said, I need to get some gloves. My hands are freezing…

One response to “Winter Thoughts

  1. […] in Utah we’ve had a cold, snowy winter, as I mentioned in my recent post.   This last week nature dropped about a foot of the white stuff all over!  Anna loves the snow, […]

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