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Anna Starts Pre-School

on September 24, 2013

Anna recently began going to pre-school!  She was so excited to start, and so far, she’s loving it!  She loves her new backpack she got for her birthday.  Here she is showing it off for you:


Anna's Backpack


Wow – those pictures make me feel so old. Anna is growing so fast!


She was so happy she has a hook of her very own to hang her backpack. Miss Maureen is her teacher, and Anna loves her already.

anna hanging backpack


Anna is making good friends and having a blast.

Anna at preschool


We were glad to know that the only harmful light in the house where the pre-school is held is through some french doors.  We were able to get some UV-blocking plastic and hang it in the windows, so Anna is safe inside.  When it’s time to go out and play, she dons her gloves, jacket and protective hat.  It makes playing on the monkey bars pretty much impossible, but she still loves to play.

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