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The PLAY’s the thing

Every morning when Anna wakes up, here first words are typically “Will you play with me?”  When I first get home from work, Anna’s first words are “Daddy, will you play with me?”  And her last words before bed are usually, “but I wanna play!”

Play is her life right now.  I am lucky enough that with Anna, I can be Captain Daddy on a pirate ship, a daddy-turned-into-a-lion-and-then-back-to-her-daddy with her magic wand, a mountain to climb, a tall tower block builder, and a daddy taking her on a walk.

When we do go outside, Anna is LOVING her trike. She is getting better and better!  Our usual itenerary is a ride down the sidewalk, visiting with the neighbor’s dog, and playing on the neighbors’ swing-sets.

I thought you might like to see how Anna’s enjoying the springtime play.  She’s growing so fast.



climing ladder





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