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Anna’s Mom 2014

on May 11, 2014

Today I am grateful for Anna’s mom. Libby is an incredible, hard-working, lovely, patient, forgiving, and giving person. She gives of herself all of the time, with little thought for herself. She takes care of a bunch of stranger’s children as a school teacher, in addition of taking care of me and Anna.   She’s so wonderful, that a couple of years ago Libby was featured on a great blog called Beadhead Moms. It’s a beautiful post about Libby, and it’s worth re-visiting.

This morning, Libby reminded me that it was three years ago today that a 10-month-old Anna woke up with her eyes swollen shut and a terrible sunburn on her head, face, arms, and hands. We had gone to the zoo on the Saturday before Mother’s day, and even though we’d put sunscreen on Anna and kept her shaded much of the time, her special skin was no match for the spring sun’s UV rays. We didn’t yet know that Anna had Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a very rare genetic mutation. You can read the story on our first blog post.

Later this morning, after getting Anna ready for Church, Libby posted this on Instagram:



To Libby: I love you.  The best decision I ever made was to marry you.  You are the perfect mom for Anna, and you’ll be the perfect mom for Jayne.  Thank you for being my wife, and for being a wonderful mom.

To my mom: I love you!  Thank you for raising a wonderful family. Your tireless sacrifices and your beautiful testimony have made me who I am today.

To all of the mom’s out there, you are wonderful and loved for your hard work, sacrifices, and love.



Happy Mother’s Day!

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