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The Results Are In

on August 17, 2014

Last week we were a bit anxious waiting to hear back from the genetics testing done on Jayne’s blood.

As I wrote in an earlier post, we had decided to look on the bright side of whatever diagnosis came our way. If Jayne doesn’t have XP, we will be so happy for her, knowing she wouldn’t have to suffer the trials associated with XP. If she does, we’ll be happy for Anna, because she’d have a sister with the same rules and conditions.

Our prayers were answered, and we learned that Jayne does NOT have XP. She is a carrier, like Anna’s mom and dad. We are thrilled to know that Jayne won’t have to deal with XP personally.

Now our challenge is learning how to raise two girls who have different rules about the daytime and going outside. We are grateful that Anna has been so patient and understanding with her own XP.

We’ve tried to talk with Anna a little about how Jayne doesn’t have the same special skin that she has, and that she can be in the sun without a hat. But Anna was too busy having fun and playing, and it didn’t quite click with her yet. She is only 4 years old, but we plan to be open and positive about it with her.

One response to “The Results Are In

  1. Firstly guys, oh what wonderful news for Jayne, and for you!!! We went through exactly this. Our second boy Raife is a carrier and not XP. Eddison has totally grasps the difference just through observation and has never challenged the difference, nor has Raife (now 2) ever tried to wear any of Eddisons UV clothes/hat etc.

    I wont tell you its easy, when one wants to go out and the other doesn`t, and when one wanst to play all night and the other is too young and tucked up in bed, but the bond they will have (especially being the same sex) will be magical and help you conquer all.

    Wishing you all love as you enjoy baby Jayne and getting to know her, and watching her and Anna become the best of friends

    x x x x x

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