Anna Liberty

A girl who's one-in-a-million

Anna the Artist

on August 19, 2014


Anna has always enjoyed drawing with crayons and markers. One of her favorite toys is a small whiteboard.  Recently, Anna has been learning how to draw animals and Disney characters. That’s my girl! For four years old, she’s not bad. Because I’m her dad, I think she’s an artistic genius. 🙂


First up, is the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse.  I showed Anna one time how she could draw him, and reminded her of some steps, but this is all her!
photo 3(1)


Next, we have a pig. Notice the pig nose, the great smile, four legs, feet and a VERY curly tail.


photo 4


And finally, Mike Wazowski.  Mike’s pretty simple, so he’s a great place to start! Anna loves adding his little horns.


photo 1(1)


photo 2(1)

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