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Our Dream

One of the hardest things about life with XP is that Anna can’t play outside during the day without wearing her gear from head to toe.  It makes playing outside in the sun and heat very difficult, not to mention dangerous.

On warm nights, as soon as the sun goes down,  Anna takes off her gloves, shoes and plastic hood so she can feel the grass on her toes,  the dirt on her hands and the wind on her face.

anna gear

So on those nights, we play until it’s too late, too dark, or too cold to stay outside.

That’s why it is our dream to have a home with a large room. A room that lets in safe sunshine (thanks to UV-blocking glass).  A room that feels like the outdoors, but is indoors and completely safe. A place for Anna to explore, run, play and experience that vital part of growing up more than a few minutes a day.

Right now, we live in a 900 square foot townhouse.  There is very little room for Anna to play, and no room for her to run. We simply can’t afford a new home with this kind of room. Maybe in 5 or more years…but then Anna will already be 8, and more than halfway through her childhood.  But still, we can dream. And a few years would be better than none.

I’ve made this page to post pictures of what our dream room could be.



One response to “Our Dream

  1. Jessica says:

    I don’t know where you live in Utah, but you might be able to afford something more sooner than that. As a school teacher, you qualify to participate in HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door program. Teachers can purchase qualifying HUD owned homes for 50% of the listing price. You can learn more about it here You will probably want to find a local realtor to learn more about the program.

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