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Thank Goodness for Indoor Plumbing

on May 6, 2012

You may have clicked on this post thinking it could include some potty humor because of the title. And with a toddler in diapers, your guess is a very good one. However, today I’m keeping it clean, and posting how grateful I am for indoor plumbing that makes indoor pools a reality.

It’s a small thing, but one of the hardest things for me to think about when Anna’s XP disorder was confirmed was realizing that Libby wouldn’t be able to take Anna to a water park, beach or pool during the summer.  Libby loves visiting our local water park, Seven Peaks, and I know she looked forward to taking Anna there for fun in the sun with friends.

Because of Anna’s rare disease, swimming outdoors is really only possible at dusk and into the night.  And most pools and water parks around here close well before it gets dark.

So that’s why indoor plumbing rocks.  This week, Libby and Anna joined one of Libby’s good friends and her two little girls to a community rec center with an amazing indoor pool.  Not only does the rec center have an indoor pool and a  lazy river, but also a sun-safe kids play area with a climbing mountain, bouncy swings over the water, and as Kuzco would say, “Complete with water slide!”

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